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Heaven Sent

Alas, here is the poster that I so rudely kept jacks_key waiting for for the last month. This is for the story, Heaven Sent, about how Ennis and his guardian angel, Jack meet and fall in love.

This is perhaps the largest dimensions that I've ever worked with. And what is it supposed to be, you ask? I'm not sure? Movie poster? Book cover? It's definitely an advertisement of some sort. Make of it what you will--I just hope you like.

Couple of things:
 - I really like how the wings turned out. Very etherealish, which is what I was going for.
 - Added more blue to Jake's eye.
 - The text on the left is from the prologue to the story. Ennis is praying.

I really like how this poster turned out. I would write more about the making process, but I'm supposed to be doing homework right now, lol. Maybe I'll add more here later.

I'll also post the individual pictures that I used later as well. Need to do Calc now. Ugh. It's not like I'm bad at it. Quite good, actually, but I just feel like kicking my feet back after finishing this monster of a poster.

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Next up: Disorderly Conduct by jacks_key. I'm so stoked to be working with a Cop!Ennis next, cause that's just hot!


Autumn Heart

Hey everyone! It's been a while since my last poster project, but this one is particularly special for me because it was my first request! Here ya go, cornflake2912, hope you like! I'm sorry to everyone for it being in only one size, and at a non-standard size at that, but hopefully, if you want to, it will still fit your desktop. If not, I'll be glad to tinker with it if anyone would like a specific resolution.

So, anyway, this poster is for the story, Autumn Heart, about how writer Jack Twist takes a trip to an island somewhere in the New England area (I'm pretty sure) to write his next book, and there meets island dweller Ennis Del Mar. The story was initially in German, but is currently being translated to English. Actually, chapter 4 is up now! I'm currently hooked, and am waiting anxiously for the next installment! Thanks, cornflake2912  and sadangel1980  , for writing such a great story!

And, now, without further ado...

Sometimes, I don't feel very satisfied with my work, but not in this case. I really feel satisfied with it. Didn't have to do that much altering to the background besides to add the fog and take out the peoples by the lighthouse (begone, trespassers!), especially because I built off of the background. The other figure is supposed to be Ennis, by the way.

Did I mention that I have fallen in love with Photoshop CS3's quick-select feature? No more isolating objects via the pen tool! Yippee! It's really quite handy at cutting stuff out from other pictures--and way faster than what I was doing before with CS2.

Now, lastly as always, here are the individual images that, all together, made this poster possible.


Cold Case S04E10: Forever Blue [Link]

The show is "an American police procedural television series revolving around a fictional Philadelphia Police Department division that specializes in investigating cold cases." (from Wiki, source here). For those that don't know, a "cold case" is a term thatt "refers to a crime or accident that has not been solved and is not the subject of current criminal investigation, but for which new information could plausibly arise."

Now, moving on to Season 04, Episode 10, entitled "Forever Blue". This episode was inspired by, based on the movie, Brokeback Mountain. If you haven't seen it, it's really good! (no, there's no mansex, but there is a kissing scene).

Link for download: http://search3.idrive.com/driveway/jsp/dway_download.jsp?id=m6o7o0y5k3
(I compressed it, but it's still a rather big file. The episode is about 45:00 minutes long.)

And if you're not sure if you should bother downloading it, here's a short preview:
For anyone who needs help accessing the file after download:

The file that you downloaded is a .RAR file, which means that it was compressed (I compressed it) so that it doesn't take up as much space. It needs to be "extracted" before you can access the .AVI file that's inside (.AVI files are a type of video file).


Anyway, because it is a .RAR file you will need to download and install a program called WinRAR to "extract" the file. Here is the link directly to the download. If you need additional assistance downloading/installing/extracting, please, don't hesitate to leave a comment and ask.

Apologies if you already know all this stuff--I have to help my mother with the computer a lot so I always try to be as specific as possible. :)


Cowboys Love Football (For Many Reasons)

Title: Cowboys Love Football (For Many Reasons)
Author: got_bleach
Pairing: Jack/Ennis (really, you expected something else?)
Genre: Modern AU, drabble, one-shot
Comments: Yes, please!

Summary: Jack and Ennis watch the Super Bowl, and Ennis discovers something about himself.
A/N: This fluffy one-shot kind of wrote itself while I watched the game yesterday. Oh, and I couldn’t resist a blushing!Ennis. I promise to get back to my other story soon enough! Oh, and the icon is a result of thinking about RPS while passing the cash register and spotting the chocolates there. Can you say "chocolate war"? The weird thing is that I absolutely love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Ironic, eh?


Cowboys Love Football (For Many Reasons)

“Hey Ennis, the Patriots are winnin’ right now. I’m gonna get my twenty bucks from ya sooner’n I thought.”


Ennis glanced up from the newspaper and took a quick look at the television. “S’too early to be talkin’, Twist. That Tom Brady fella ain’t nearly as good as you think. Just you wait.”


Jack laughed. “You jes’ keep thinking that, Del Mar. You’ll see. Them Patriots ain’t let me down yet this season.” He jumped up from the couch and made a noise that Ennis could only describe as a victory-whoop. “And there Brady goes again! Touchdown! Yee-haw!”


Ennis smirked. “Ain’t even halftime yet. And two points ain’t much of a lead, darlin’.” He leaned over and swatted Jack on the rear to get him to quiet down—more of a grope, actually, since he did manage to cop a handful as he did so.


Jack sat back down in the armchair, grinning like the Cheshire cat. “Yer just sour ‘cause your team didn’t make the playoffs, cowboy.” Jack chuckled. “Ennis Del Mar, Dallas Cowboy fan, huh? Never would have seen that one coming—but ya know, yer more’n enough cowboy for me, friend. Though I did see them cheerleaders on CMT the other day and hot damn…I swear, if them uniforms get any smaller, they won’t need nothing on the field.”


Ennis shook his head, turning back to the paper. “I should know by now that nothing stops that damn mouth of yours, Twist. Here I am, tryin’ ta read the paper peaceful-like’n there ya are, all flapjaw’n such. Talkin’ bout Tom Brady’n cheerleaders, ‘n shit.”


Jack reached over and pulled down the newspaper. “You know you love me.” He grinned, in that way that only Jack Twist can grin, like he knew a secret that only he was privy to.


A pause.


“So…Ennis...Don’t you think Tom Brady’s got a nice ass?”


“Wh-What?!” Ennis stared even more intently at the newspaper, although Jack spied the slightest blush spreading from the other man’s cheeks.


If it were possible, Jack’s grin got even wider. “Don’t play dumb with me, Ennis. I see you over there, glancing up whenever the guy’s on the screen. Must be glad we got that HD shit now.”


When Ennis didn’t respond, Jack continued, “Yep, he’s a looker. Though that Eli Manning fella ain’t half bad neither.” He saw Ennis fidget out of the corner of his eye and knew he had struck gold. “Well, ain’t this something! Ennis Del Mar’s got a little crush on the quarterback!”


“It ain’t nuthin!” Ennis protested.


“—but how can I blame ya? I mean, ya got these muscley guys on the field in these tight-ass pants, fightin’ over a ball, grabbin each other. Bound ta be some touchin goin’ on somewhere.”


“Ain’t you tell me ya had a crush on that one guy that too…what’s his name. Oh yeah, remember Brad? Got a thing for them quarterbacks, huh?” Jack teased.


Ennis sunk lower and lower into the chair raising the newspaper to cover himself, regretting the time that he had told that particular story from high school. He did NOT have a thing for quarterbacks…did he? He had always told himself that Jack was the only one that turned his head, but…man, that guy was looking good in them pants.


A shadow fell over him and when he looked up, he stared into the pair of bluest eyes he had ever seen. They sparkled with unspoken mirth. “Maybe that explains why ya like me, seein’ as how I was quarterback when I played. Gals hangin’ off my arms, left’n right.” Jack smiled. “’Course, none ‘a that matters none, ‘cause they c’n shout’n scream s’much as they want, but I got my cowboy right here’n good.”


He sat down on the couch next to Ennis and saw the man was still red in the ears. “Aww, come’ere cowboy,” he said snuggling up to Ennis. “Did I ever tell you you’re fuckin’ sexy when yer blushin? Tight pants or no, Ennis Del Mar, you done roped this Twist for life.”


Another pause, longer this time.


“…Wouldn’t mind seein’ you in uniform,” Ennis mumbled.


Jack was shocked. Indirectly, perhaps, but did Ennis Del Mar just admit he had a fetish? A grin spread from ear to ear. “And I wouldn’t mind seein’ you dressed up as a firefighter. But sure ‘nuff, I’ll be collecting my ‘reward’ when Brady scores—aww, hell no…”




“The Giants scored again.”


“Better start looking for that uniform, then, Twist. Best ta start in the attic.”


“Asshole,” Jack mumbled.


It was rare, but this time Ennis said it with no hesitation.


“I love you too.”



(I love the idea of firefighter!Ennis. Props to maidenofthesea and her new story, Able Fires, for brightening my day with that image!!!)

Edit: For my international friends and fellow Brokies that are not acquainted with American football (i.e. you know, the not-soccer-kind), here are pictures of the quarterbacks.

Tom Brady: http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/fashion/gallery/0920_bradystyle?pg=15
(there are several pictures in the slideshot, but this one has him in a COWBOY getup!)
Eli Manning: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eli_Manning
(no cowboy getup for Eli, but here's one from Wiki)

Now, I'm not actually a regular football stooge myself, but my brothers dragged me to watch the Super Bowl on the new high-def TV that we just got. They just didn't know that I "appreciated" the game on so many more levels than they did.


this cowboy is hitting the road

I am feeling really crappy right now. I've got the sniffles, midterms are this week, and to top it all off...Heath. : (

One of several that I am working on:
This one is [1280 x 1024], based on my resolution.
Leave me a comment if you'd like it in another resolution.

That is Heath's autograph, over the hearts.
Just in case you were never able to get one, like me. ='-(

Heard this song on the radio this morning--caused me to cry:
http://free.napster.com/player/tracks/16677100 (wait a few seconds, player will pop up).
I've never heard it before today, and I realized that it applies just as much to Jack and Ennis as it does to Heath.


The State of the Fandom

This is a tough time for me. This is a tough time for all of us Brokies.

But one thought occurred to me some time after hearing the news: what will become of the Brokeback Fandom? Will it die off? Will it continue to thrive? I can't quite tell, but for some reason I don't think it will die off any time soon, espcially since there have already been story updates on Brokebackslash that I've seen. If anything, perhaps people will be more spurred on to write--to get their feelings out into words--after this tragedy.

Of course, these updates are tributes and BBM story updates. But what of the red-headed stepchild? What of stories in the RPS category? I know that I consider them a guilty pleasure of mine, fantasizing Heath and Jake together forever, but part of me questions the appropriateness of these stories now after H.L. is gone. Of course, I don't want them to stop. Far from it. I will need a LOT of RPS to get me through the coming days. I need my fantasies. I'm just worried that anyone (including myself) who posts RPS will get flamed--badly--by the community for being so "insensitive".

"Insensitive". I wouldn't use that term. Writing for me has become a kind of cathartic activity lately--and I foresee it becoming even more so after this. So, anyone who is thinking about stopping the flow of RPS...please do not take away from what other people would like. I don't want to force you to read it (now that would really be insensitive). But...just don't follow the links if you don't want to.

I know I put this in my last post as an edit, but I am planning on continuing In Dog We Trust. I actually have the majority of the second chapter finished. I may not post it until next week (need some time to recover and calm down), but I will post it to the community. I might have to endure flames, but I guess that's something that comes with the territory of the red-headed stepchild. It will remain friends-locked, so that anyone who would rather not read it doesn't accidentally stumble into it.

And I'm going to continue it as if nothing happened. My own little method of denial.

Again, thanks for your support. Thanks to any readers out there. I hope that I can support you too.


The World Has Lost A Great Man

Today, January 22, 2008, is a day that I will remember for a very long time. New York police have said that Heath Ledger died of a possible drug overdose at 3:26 p.m. 

Edit: This comes at a very odd time for me, especially since my Calculus class just finished the section about Newton's Law of Cooling and how to use it to find time of death based upon body temperature (wow, I did not know that CSI uses Calculus...). But, all joking aside:


I am at simply at a loss for words.


I read the headline myself and had to read it again seven or eight times before I could get it through my head that it must have really happened. Something inside me wishes that it would all be a cruel, sick, and twisted joke, but thus far, I feel pretty numb inside. Perhaps I’m still in denial.


They say that good people die young.


I’ve only seen one Heath Ledger performance, and that was in Brokeback Mountain. Words cannot describe the sheer acting genius that Heath displayed in that movie. Sure, Jake Gyllenhaal was good. But Heath Ledger simply blew everyone away with his portrayal of Ennis Del Mar. 

I just want to scream and shout and hit something. It’s incredibly unfair. Of all the people in the world to die…why did it have to be Heath Ledger? I don’t quite know how to react. It’s a tragedy that someone so young—and with many years ahead of him—died this way.


I am deeply saddened by this death. Heath was only twenty-eight when he died—too young of an age and too close to my own for it to be anything but scary. The world has lost a great man.


I know that I’ll never be able to read these lines at his funeral. I was never able to even meet him in person to ask for his autograph or to tell him how his performance impacted my own character. But Heath, you’ve made such an impression on this young man’s heart. I can specifically point to you as one of my greatest heroes—a man that I looked up to, whose dedication, acceptance, and open-mindedness greatly impacted the world through his work (and if not the entire world, I can safely say that he did impact mine).

I'll remember you Heath. I'm sure the Brokeback Community will as well. To me, you were always Ennis. And even when the media frenzy has passed over, even when everyone forgets your name, even through the rough weathering of the years--I'll remember. I'll remember you as Ennis, one half of a pair of young men who captured my heart from the silver screen.


Jack Twist is dead. Now it seems that Ennis Del Mar is following in his footsteps.

Edit: For those of you wondering about the RPS story that I've written--well, I had actually written most of the second chapter already and was planning on posting it sometime either today or tomorrow, but after this... I don't think I even have the heart to.

I'm going to continue the story--just...give me a little time first. I need to recover. I need to return to normal. Things need to return to normal over at BrokebackSlash before I post it too. And it will still remain friends-locked for the original reason--and, now, for the fact that it is now discussing someone deceased. I know if I leave it open, I am going to get a lot of flames for continuing to write. But it's my own method of catharsis. I hope you understand. Thanks to everyone reading this. Even if you don't comment, your support means a lot to me. I hope I can support you too.


Sequence Poster

After reading fics_at_random   's story, Sequence, I was inspired to make yet another poster of our boys, Ennis and Jack. I LOVE this story because it covers their time on the mountain--and you can simply sit back and enjoy it because you already KNOW that there's no dead!Jack looming in the horizon. It's actually in eight parts right now and would probably take me several hours to read from beginning to thus far. This poster has eaten up the majority of my free time in the last couple of days, so I hope you'll like it!

I don't really have much to say about this one's creation other than how I REALLY love how it turned out. This is the second version, actually, because the first one had a very poor-quality image of Ennis, which I replaced with the current one.

As always, here are the original images that I have put together to create this poster. There's five in all. The first image...is simply beautiful. Ang Lee did a wonderful job capturing the sheer natural beauty of Alberta when he filmed Brokeback. I think I'm getting better at this Photoshop business, don't you?

Mandi and other authors whom I have "borrowed" works from to make these posters, thanks for writing such great stories! Like I've said before, these are just a small token of gratitude for all the joy you bring all us readers with your stories.

Edit: Oh, and enniscake, I did what you suggested, changing the entire "Focus Features Presents" and all! :)


I've Been A Busy Little Bee

WOW, I've been totally obsessed with my latest projects.

First up, a poster that was inspired after watching 3:10 to Yuma. It was okay, but it would have been so much better if Russel Crowe and Christian Bale did the naughty monkey dance. THIS IS A DRAFT. Notice how it says, UNTITLED? Oh and there's DRAFT in the bottom right too? Well, I remember seeing a story about Ennis and Jack as outlaws somewhere in BBM Slash, and I tried finding it but couldn't. If anyone could help me locate this story, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'm going to save my discussion about making this one as well as the original pictures that I edited from (well, you can probably tell where I took the boys from anyway) for the repost of this poster (with the title corrected, I mean).

But I said that I was working on a Jake/Heath RPS shop, and here it is.

Yeah, it's tame. Yeah it doesn't show them kissing. I was disappointed in that too. I want to do one with them kissing like these ones sometime (of course, I don't think I'm nearly that adept at photoshop -_-). Or at least something more intimate.

As always, here are the original images that I took stuff from. Only two this time. This one was kind of easy because the majority of the work was done when I replaced Matt Damon. All that was really left was blending it, casting shadows, etc.

The top one is from the Jarhead photocall in Berlin. The bottom is the Brothers Grimm photocall. Hm, Heath looks awful touchy with Matt Damon in that particular group of pictures...

On another note, here's a rather interesting picture that I found. (well, it's the first time I've seen it, anyway)
I guess out that Ennis loves his music. Anyone care to take a guess as to what he's listening to?


"love is blind" posters!

Happy new year to everyone reading this! I hope you're all not too hungover from partying or anything to enjoy my latest projects!

Well, I had originally planned to crank out another ZATB poster as well as a cute little picture of Santa!EnnisAndJack before I had to leave for the holidays, as a kind of present for the community, but alas, look where I am. Having accomplished absolutely NONE of that (I'm actually in the middle of the ZATB thing as I write this), I guess I'll post it when I get done and you all can just consider it a late gift. Okay?

Here are two posters for the story "Love is Blind" by none other than el_wing     (to el_wing: I hope you don't mind that I used your story, cause I'm really getting into it right now)! If you haven't read the story, don't worry, there's nothing spoilerific in the posters, but I highly recommend reading it, especially since it seems like we're getting to the good part right about now.

Hope you like.

I drew inspiration from another one of Jake's movies, October Sky (beautiful poster!). And the sky was (at least vaguely) inspired by the poster for the movie 300. Lol, what a weird combination. The title font is aptly named Bleeding Cowboys, which you can find here.

The taglines on each poster reflect canon-BBM quotes from the characters (if you can't tell what they are, shame on you fellow Brokie!).
Jack: "Truth is, sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it."
Ennis: "If you can't fix it, then you've got to stand it." -- noooo! Ennis, you idiot! =-(

And the strikethrough on Jack's eyes was...well, an experiment. I hope it turned out okay, but to tell the truth, it didn't quite turn out the way I would have liked. Still, I wanted to include something that would "customize" this poster for this particular story (since, after all, remove the ink and the title and all, and these posters could probably be applied to almost any BBM fic) and was originally going to glaze over the eyes, but they were kind of small to work with and I settled for this. Let me know what you think.

I DO have the original version (without the ink) below, along with the other original pictures that I pieced together to form this poster.

Feel free to check out the rest of my journal to see my previous works. And please, leave a comment telling me what you think! Oh, and you can friend me too. I don't bite :). Thanks! And a very happy new year to you all!

Edit: Oh, I did forget to say. One of my new resolutions is to respond to every comment that you all leave me! : ) That one shouldn't be too hard to follow through with!

Another Edit: Okay, I'm really stupid. I don't know why I didn't notice it before. The color on the bottom was bleeding over and wasn't completely black. Fixed that now. And I decided to take out the ink from Jack's eyes. The pictures have been replaced accordingly.